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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


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According to sources Bihar Public Service Commission will conduct 56th-59th Combined Competitive Preliminary Examination on February 15. Commission has sent proposals to district administrations for conducting examination on this schedule. 

Friday, September 26, 2014


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Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has declared the result of preliminary examination held on 3rd August, 2014. Mains Examination is scheduled to start from 5th  November. Click the link below for result:


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Expecting large number of applicants, Bihar Public Service Commission has extended the last date for filling application form. Now last date is 27th October. See the notice below

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


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Jharkhand Public Service Commission has published the Model Answer key of 5th Combined Civil Services Preliminary Examination held on 15th December 2013. Click the link below for answer key


Monday, November 11, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

BPSC 56-57 Advertisement in the last week of October 2013

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Bihar Public Service Commission will soon invite applications for various gazetted posts to be filled through the 56-57th Combined Competitive Examination. According to the sources, these posts will be advertised, most probably, in the last week of October 2013. Total number of posts to be filled by this examination is around 600 which include Commercial Tax Officers, Dy.SPs, District Transport officers, District Education officers etc. Preliminary examination is likely to be held in the month of February/March 2014.
         So BPSC is now starting its process for next CC Examination, however it hasn’t came out completely from 53-55th Combined Competitive Examination mess. A number of Civil Writs (CWJC 9569/2013 and others) are still pending in the honorable Chief Justice of Patna High Court against moderation adopted by BPSC in the mains examination. In the first hearing, honorable Chief Justice Rekha M. Doshit had ordered BPSC to present raw marks and moderated marks of candidates. Next hearing will take place on October 22. Petitioners are confident of their victory in the Patna High Court itself, however in case of adverse decision they have already planned to move Supreme Court.
          In between, those who are planning to appear in the aforesaid (56-57th CCE) examination, should start one’s preparation and should carefully choose optional subjects seeing the past trend of examinations. As choosing optional subjects plays major role in final selection, rather than one’s hard labour. It is indeed hard proved and tested fact.

Friday, September 13, 2013


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Students, those who are victims of BPSC injustice, are now planning to move honorable Supreme Court for a stay on joining. Although these students got some relief from Patna high court double bench, yet they are not happy with the proceedings of high court. They have smelt some backdoor conspiracies of BPSC and the government, and it seems honorable Patna high court hasn't smelled that. That is why, despite so many evidences against BPSC 53-55th ill moderation; they got nothing from high court, except wasting of time. However, Honorable chief justice of high court has demanded raw marks and moderated marks of all students, yet she declined to pass a stay order on joining, saying that until she evaluate all data, it is not possible for her to pass a stay order. What evidence she needs, when Justice Ravi Ranjan has already declared BPSC moderation a ‘bogus’? Will she declare joining illegal, when she finds irregularities in evaluation process? Nothing could be said about that, but nothing is guaranteed in future seeing the past bad experiences of Patna High Court . What if she says that since process has completed, hence let BPSC be allowed to make a rule for moderation and scaling from next examination? In that situation, students, who are fighting for justice, will feel cheated. This issue is not limited only for this examination (53-55th), it has happened in the past, and will remain continue in coming examinations (56-57th).  If nothing changes, then BPSC will continue with its so called moderation, and student will keep suffering. In that situation, your hard labour will not pay, but your fortune. Despite writing 5 questions in a paper, you will get only 25 marks, and someone writing only 3 questions, will get 150 marks. If you want to remain with this situation, then continue with your preparation, and start praying to god for your good fortunes so that you don’t get 5 or 25 marks. And if you want to change, and want your hard labour pays, then come, join and support the BPSC fighter group which is fighting for you and whole Bihar’s laborious students who are dreaming to serve Bihar. They will move Supreme Court anytime soon. So, contact them, and support them in their, sorry, in your fight. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

BPSC 53-55th: Result out, Moderation issue in Double Bench and Post Mortem report with student

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Hearing news 11-09-2013: Honorable court has demanded moderate marks and raw marks (original marks given by examiner) of students from BPSC. Next hearing on 1st October.

(Hearing on BPSC Moderation case has started. First hearing took place on 10 September in double bench of Patna High Court headed by honorable Chief Justice Rekha M. Doshit. BPSC said that it has already declared the final result, but petitioners  advocates countered BPSC and said that when case was referred to larger bench, why final result was declared? Hearing will be continued for few more days.)

I had mentioned in one of my posts that moderation case was pending with larger bench, although written stay was not there yet morality says that result should not be published but BPSC morality-----. My apprehension proved right. It is irony that when UPSC has introduced ethics, morality and human value in Civil Services mains syllabus, one public service commission is joking with these issues. We shouldn't forget that two months before mains examination result declaration, BPSC hosted symposium of all public service commissions in which UPSC also participated. But I have already said that talking about BPSC morality, is nothing but wasting your time, hence I am focusing on main points.
No doubt final result is published, and some may argue that now everything is over, and frankly speaking, they are not wrong altogether. But that doesn't mean chapter is closed. Honorable Chief Justice is going to hear the moderation case (CWJC 9569/2013), most probably from 2nd September, 2013. BPSC has already published the marks of candidates (CLICK HERE FOR YOUR MAINS MARKSHEET), and students (those fighting against BPSC’s so called unjust moderation) are equipped with more proofs. These proofs might prove fatal for BPSC (I might be too optimistic), if honorable Double bench doesn’t sympathize with BPSC. Only one thing that is in favor of BPSC is that it has already completed it's process. On this basis it might plead to reject the case, and in earlier occasions, BPSC has succeeded  getting relief on this bais. But moderation case is different ball game. Honorable Justice Ravi Ranjan has himself said clearly that BPSC moderation is bogus, and he even said that BPSC should have followed scaling method. He referred it to larger bench seeing the intensity of the case. Hence it cannot be said that ‘Process Complete’ argue is going to help BPSC.  BPSC proceeded on its own, neither students nor court is responsible for that. BPSC itself is responsible for that; it has to pay the price. Why every time poor students will pay for BPSC’s fault?  From preliminary examination to interview level, it has committed blunders. Here are some of the blunders:
1.       In preliminary examination, more than 10 questions were deleted: students paid for it
2.       BPSC conducted mains examination simultaneously with JPSC mains examination: students paid for it.
3.       Moderation: In Mathematics and Chemistry some students scored more than 180 marks out of 200, and in philosophy some students scored only 5. Can you believe it? How a student of humanity can compare with mathematics and Chemistry? Which type of moderation was adopted? Patna high court had ordered (Justice Katriar) BPSC to follow moderation and scaling seeing the boom factor. But this time some other subjects outperformed some other subjects. Nothing changed: students paid the price.
4.       Some physically handicapped (General) candidates are saying that their marks are more than the written cut off, yet they were not called for interview. Even the gap between written cut off and final cut off for general physically handicapped is 205. How can one score 200 out of 150?
These are some of the examples which show BPSC’s “HUM NAHI SUDHRENGE” approach. But one should not forget that now we are leaving in virtual world and RTI world, where social media is too active and it has a capability to create a movement against wrongdoings. BPSC fighter group is one of such movements which are fighting against injustice caused to the candidates. It is duty of all interest group to come forward and fight against the injustice done by BPSC, so that next generation couldn’t face similar situation. 

Friday, August 23, 2013


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Bihar Public Service Commission has published the mark sheet of those candidates who appeared in mains examination. No doubt cut off is too high in mains examination. Everybody was expecting bellow 700 cut off for general category seeing the larger number of seats. But it is 725 which is unexpected. Some subjects like History, Public Administration and Hindi literature are in advantage position, however subjects like Philosophy suffered a lot due to moderation. Marks of History is surprising seeing the tough nature of questions. Well, after all it is BPSC, you can expect unexpected. Here is cut off marks: 

Cut-off Marks:
 Category Code Written Exam Final Exam
Cut-off Marks (Handicapped Candidates):
 Category Code Written Exam Final Exam

Saturday, August 17, 2013

UP Lower Subordinate 2013 Vacancies

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Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has advertised vacancies for lower Subordinate Examination 2013. Total number of posts are 1200 at present which might increase till the declaration of preliminary result.


Friday, August 16, 2013


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Bihar Public Service Commission has published the final result of 53-55th combined competitive examination. Result was published on 16 August, 2013 at 4pm. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


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As news is coming that a writ (CWJC 15423/2011) is pending in Honorable Patna High court against preliminary examination. A case was filled in 2011 and now hearing is in its large stage. And so the examination is also in its last stage. Interview of all 2610 successful candidates is over. They are waiting for final result. However a case related to moderation is in larger bench. But in between, case related to PT came as a monster. According to sources, reservation followed in PT was wrong (as few students are claiming). They might have got some support from Allahabad High Court proceedings on very same issue. In BPSC some students might have missed mains examination (can not confirm) on that rule, due to screening nature of preliminary examination. Since reservation is a very sensitive issue, and has been guaranteed by our constitution to some unprivileged of our society. Hence it is not a matter of debate for us and it is better to avoid this issue. But the issue which has come out is that, petitioners are demanding a single mains examination for all students. Their logic is that mains examination is not a screening test, but its marks decide the final selection and overall ranking. They are giving the example of Odisha Public Service Commission. But the basic issue here is that why honorable high court waited so long for this issue? Since mains examination was held in April-May 2012, and case was filled in 2011, then why mains examination was not stayed earlier? Why BPSC didn’t take initiatives to resolve that issue before mains examination? It is empathic situation. Who is to be blamed for torturing those students who appeared in the mains examination or in interview?

It is true that even moderation adopted in mains examination is under observation of larger bench of Patna High court. But the interest of those, who have passed the mains examination, is not going to affect by adverse ruling (if any) in moderation issue, since it is unlikely that passed (in mains) will be ousted from the revised (if any) list. But as far as preliminary ruling is concerned, it will adversely affect all those who appeared in the mains examination as well as in interview. Since preliminary petitioners are demanding fresh preliminary result, fresh mains examination, on which honorable Justice Navaniti Prasad is some extent (perhaps) agree. However final verdict is yet to come on this case. If verdict comes like this, then whole procedure will start once again and litigation will continue, and BPSC might move (most likely) Supreme Court against the order. But at this juncture, nothing could be said. Matter is sub judice.  Before passing any judgment, let us wait for the verdict. We shouldn’t forget that about 20,000 students were declared qualified for the mains examination. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


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Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has released the Answer key of State civil services preliminary examination 2013. You can approach UPPSC till 25th July for correction in answer key, if any. Please click link given below for Answer key


GENERAL STUDY-1       A           B               C              D

GENERAL STUDY-2       A           B               C              D


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Honorable Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan order regarding BPSC moderation on 53-55th mains examination (CWJC 9569/2013, 9674/2013 and many more) is now on public domain. However, all details of hearing are not in order copy, and also honorable Justice hasn’t passed any judgment, except accepting references of Honorable apex court judgment and referring it to the honorable Chief Justice of Patna High Court. In whole order copy, one is petitioner’s views and one is BPSC counsel view. Only at one point Justice Ravi Ranjan has accepted that apex court has said that moderation is not sufficient in case where multi-subjects examination is held. Honorable Ravi Ranjan said:

From perusal of the aforesaid it would appear that the Apex Court has come to the conclusion that the procedure of moderation would only solve the problem of examiner Variability, where the examiners are many but valuation of answer-scripts in respect of a single subject is done and all the subjects are compulsory, however, moderation would be no answer where the problem would be to find out inter se merit across the subjects where examination has been conducted in different subjects. It has been held that, in order to solve the problem of inter se merit across different subjects, statistical experts have evolved a method known as scaling that is creation of a common scale. On that pretext it is being urged that, since admittedly, the Bihar Public Service Commission had adopted method of moderation for bringing uniformity which has already been held insufficient and improper in such examination by the Apex Court where different subjects are to be opted by different candidates, that has resulted in disparity in the scoring by the candidates in the different subjects.”

It also says “It is submitted that the Bihar Public Service Commission has adopted moderation and not the method of scaling in violation of the direction of the Division Bench contained in Annexure 6 which was passed on the basis of the judgment of the Apex Court in the judgment of Sanjay Singh (supra).”

One more thing, Justice Ravi Ranjan also mentioned Prashant Ramesh Chakrawar (supra) case. But let me remind you that in that case 6 steps of moderation is mentioned, and this judgment came in February 2013. But at that point of time, BPSC has already moderated answer sheets of students. Because in its affidavit BPSC clearly said that decision on moderation was taken in mid January 2013. It clears that BPSC violated the double bench order which has said until you make any rule, follow Sanjay Singh direction of Supreme Court. As said above that in Sanjay Singh case Supreme Court has favored scaling in those examinations where optional papers exist. It is also clear that (according to BPSC affidavit) so far BPSC hasn’t framed any rule regarding moderation or scaling. It means no rules were framed then Sanjay Singh (supra) order has to be followed. Even Chakrawar steps were not followed. BPSC didn’t followed any steps, because honorable Justice had said BPSC counsel during hearing that you didn’t prepare a model answer which was one of the steps of Chakrawar moderation formula.

Second and more important, BPSC has clearly stated in its affidavit that moderation was done on those students who scored more than 60% marks and less than 30% marks. This has not been mentioned in order copy. But one must not forget that after repeatedly asking, BPSC didn’t elaborate its process of moderation.  Hence this serious issue is going to be raised in the larger bench.

 One can draw many conclusions, but matter is serious and has to be dealt carefully. That is why Honorable Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan has referred it to the larger bench, where most probably Honorable the Chief Justice of Patna High Court Rekha M. Doshit will chair the bench. Since no written stay is there, hence BPSC might declare the final result, but BPSC counsel has promised the Judge (Dr. Justice Ravi Ranjan) that no result will be published until case is  resolved, even BPSC is also saying that until case is pending no result will come. Let us see whether oral promise of stay is maintained which needs moral. About BPSC morality------?



Wednesday, July 10, 2013


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After a long period of hearing, Honorable Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan has reserved the judgment of the case related to 53-55th combined competitive mains examination moderation. It was a marathon hearing of almost 15 days. According to the advocate of students Shri Dinu Kumar, who challenged the moderation, case looks like in a favour of students. However it is yet uncertain what judgment will be delivered by Honorable Justice. But at the last day of hearing, BPSC’s advocate and advocate general of Bihar Government Shri Lalit Kishore failed to present any factual basis and proofs in support of BPSC’s moderation process. Despite repeatedly asked to present the methodology on which moderation was done, BPSC counsel didn’t present the methodology applied. It was clear that either BPSC didn’t follow any method or it didn’t want to disclose publically which is obviously strange.  Finally Honorable Justice asked Dinu Kumar whether whole mains examination should be cancelled? However before Dinu Kumar could reply, Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan said that since process had gone at the extent of interview level, hence it would not be wise to cancel the whole examination. He was little in dilemma as well in a tough position, which he clearly elaborated, but he said that he would do something and find a way which might be a middle path.
Well, this is the situation at present. It is true that publishing of final result has not been stayed. But, at the same time Honorable Judge said that if decision goes against the commission, then whole result, if published, will be quashed. However BPSC's counsel Lalit Kishore said that result will not be published until case is disposed off.
It is strange that when interview was going on, students demanded to stay the process until case is disposed off, but Dr. Ravi Ranjan said that no need to stay since commission would not publish the result before disposal of case. Even BPSC counsel agreed with the judge. Let us wait whether oral order is followed or not.

Now going through the whole process and hearing, it is quite clear that BPSC is in defensive mood. During whole hearing process, either BPSC counsel took Passover or said that it had followed UPSC, KPSC, MPSC. However the counsel also said that UPSC process was not followed completely. Honorable Justice Ravi Ranjan asked BPSC repeatedly that just you were saying that you had followed a-b-c-d, but didn't elaborate what you had done? Even at one point of time Honorable Justice commented that BPSC moderation was like “ a farmer is in Punjab and child bore by a letter.” On 6th July, 2013 Honorable Justice passed a written order and asked BPSC that whether that had followed UPSC moderation or not? But once again BPSC counsel repeated what he had said in earlier hearings. One of the students group advocate Shri Y.V. Giri said that Honorable Patna High Court Double bench had clearly said that rule regarding scaling should be framed within six months, but BPSC didn't make a rule. It is clearly breach of justice and hence whole moderation should be sidelined. Honorable Justice was agree with Girijee and noted some points on his logic. Honorable Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan clearly said that BPSC moderation is bogus. 

So present scenario could be described as “wait and watch.” According to BPSC fighter group (those fighting against moderation) they are hoping a positive outcome, however not a complete outcome according to their wishes. Yet something is better than nothing. But in the whole proceeding, BPSC moderation’s limitations were exposed. One expects fair play from a constitutional body like BPSC. But only constitutional tag attached doesn’t guarantee fair play. We shouldn't forget that currently one former chairman and two former members of BPSC are in the Jail for malpractices. We shouldn’t also forget that Karnataka Public Service Commission’s recruitment process is under scanner and is being investigated by CID. BPSC is saying that it has followed Karnataka moderation.  What conclusion one can draw from this whole process? You can’t follow quite defined formula of scaling which is followed by all Hindi belt State Public Service Commissions but you are presenting the example of Karnataka which process is under scanner. Decision might go one way or other way but constitutional body like BPSC shouldn’t runway from its responsibilities in the age of right to information.
Here are the possibilities now:
  1. Whole result will be quashed: (unlikely scenario since Judge said that pass students interest should also be minded)
  2. Petitioners will be allowed: (Unlikely since final result is yet to be published and overlooking higher marks is not possible)
  3. Result will be published without moderation and those coming above earlier cut off will be called for interview: (Most likely scenario)
  4. Petition will be dismissed: (Unlikely since Honorable Judge has said that bpsc didn’t followed the procedures, it was on wrong foot, BPSC’s fault has been exposed and proved)
  5. Scaling should be followed instead of moderation (Quite unlikely since it will revamp whole result).
One is free to take position in this scenario. Decision is likely to be delivered next week. Till then wait and guess.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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After a long wait and controversies, Jharkhand Public Service Commission has finally notified the advertisement for 5th Combined Competitive Examination. Followings are the details of notification:
Notification Date: 2nd July
Total number of posts: 236 (Jharkhand Administrative Service:91, Jharkhand Police Service: 41, Jharkhand Finance Service-31, Jharkhand Labour Service-20, Jharkhand Jail Service-09, Probation Officer-29, Excise Inspector-9, Labour Superintendent-7)
Last Date for Submitting Online application: 10 August, 2013
Last Date for Submitting Printed application through post: 21 August, 2013
Maximum Age: Maximum 35 years on 1 August 2009. (For General)
Minimum Age: 20-22 Years for various services on 1 August 2013

Number of attempts: 4 (Excluding 1st and 2nd Combined Examination)
Number of Passed in prelims: 12 to 13 times of total number of posts

Preliminary Syllabus:
General Study 1 (Total Marks: 100)
History of India and National Movement
India and World Geography
Indian Polity and Economy
History, Geography, Economy and Culture of Jharkhand
General Study 2-(Total Marks-100)
General Science
General Mental Ability
Current events of State, National and International importance

Saturday, June 22, 2013


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Bihar Public Service Commission has submitted its affidavit regarding 53-55th mains examination moderation. In its affidavit, BPSC says that in multi-papers, students whose marks were more than 60% was moderated. Even those who scored less than 30%, were moderated. It also says that, so far it hasn't make any rule, after final result it will amend it's rule for moderation. It also says that it has followed Karnataka and Maharastra Public Service Commission. 
      It is no secret that competitive examinations are held for choosing the best. But in BPSC case, rule is something different. How can anyone justify that good performer should be penalized? Even a layman can raise finger on this so called moderation of BPSC. If we go by BPSC's moderation stand, it clearly indicates that those who scored 130 out of 200, were penalized, and those who scored 110 out of 200 were not touched. Is this a examination, or a drama orchestrated by constitutional body like BPSC? Shame to such constitutional body. 
     Now come to second point, BPSC says that it will amend its rule regarding moderation after process is over.  It is well known fact, which has been supported by honorable Supreme Court and high courts umpteen times that if process has started, no amendment should be initiated. BPSC can argue that double bench of honorable Patna High Court had suggested it to follow and make a rule. But why BPSC didn't make any rule in one year. Does it need 5 years to make a rule for that (which it has not followed, which is followed by all state public service commission of Hindi region)? Ridiculous. God save this constitutional body.
    BPSC says that it has followed Maharastra Public Service Commission.  Maharastra Public Service Commission’s civil services mains examination is of objective type (form 2012). Come on, UPPSC, Chhattisgarh public service commission, Madhya Public Service Commission, Rajasthan Public service commission, all Hindi region state commission follow scaling. They follow scaling which is quiet defined and is based on statistical formula (Mean and standard deviation). Even these commissions always mention it in their advertisement that they will follow scaling.
   All the above logics of BPSC are ridiculous, illogical, irrelevant, illegal, intentional, biased, unconstitutional and above all autocratic in nature. Time has come to mend the rotten constitutional body like BPSC.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

JPSC 5th Civil Services: Number of attempts will be increased

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JPSC has written a letter to the state government to increase number of attempts from 4 to 6 for state civil services examination. Currently state government has fixed 4 attempts for 5th civil services examination. Some students had approached JPSC chairman to increase the number of attempts seeing the past records of state civil services examination where genuine students were not selected (1st and 2nd civil services examination). In turn JPSC chairman wrote a letter to state personnel department. In its letter JPSC chairman has said that since CBI inquiry is going on first and second civil services examination, hence deserving students didn't utilized first two chances. Consequently all  students should be given more attempts. Considering JPSC chairman's initiative, one can expect positive outcome from the government. Although, students are also demanding to fix cut off year 2007 for age count, yet nothing is clear about this demand. However JPSC chairman has said to student's representatives that he would talk about that matter to personnel department. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

UPPCS Preliminary Examination 2013 Rescheduled on 26th June

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Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has re-scheduled the preliminary examination 2013 on 26th June. It was scheduled to be held on 4th June. About 4.30 lakhs students have applied for the examination. Scrutiny of application forms as well as preparing admits card in three weeks was a daunting task. Apart from that, students had complained that Chhattisgarh pcs preliminary examination is on 9 the June and even some students are appearing in Rajasthan Administrative Service mains examination. Keeping these facts in mind UPPSC decided to postponed the examination for a two weeks

Thursday, May 23, 2013

JPSC 5th Civil Services age controversy

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Jharkhand Government has sent requisition for 192 posts to be filled by JPSC through 5th Combined Competitive Examination. JPSC is ready with its advertisement but age related controversy has created deadlock in a way of notification. READ MORE HERE

Thursday, May 16, 2013


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Jharkhand Public Service Commission will soon advertise vacancies for 5th Combined Competitive Examination. State personel department has sent requisions for 192 posts of different depatments. Here are the list of different posts:
Jharkhand Administrative Service: 91 posts
Jharkhand Police Service: 41 posts
Jail Superitendent: 9 posts
Jharkhand Labour service: 20
Jharkhand Finance serivce: 31
 More seats of other departments (education service, Registration service) will be added further after roaster clearance. 
Preliminary examination for JPSC 5th civil services will be held under new pattern. In preliminary examination students will have to appear in two General Study Compulsory papers of 100 marks each. 100 questions will be asked in both GS papers. It means, student will not choose optional paper in preliminary examination. However mains examination syllabus will remain same where students will be asked to opt two optional papers.


Friday, April 12, 2013


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Bihar Public Service Commission after almost one year of mains examination, published mains result of 53-55th examination. Total 2610 students have been called for interview. Everybody was expecting positive result. It is true that result can not satisfy each and everyone. But it is also true that it satisfies those who performs better. Unfortunately this is not the case as far as BPSC is concerned. Due to moderation formula good students paid heavy prices. It seems sub standard teachers were involved in evaluation process. That is why some good answers were beyond their understanding. They awarded marks not on answer, but on their limited irrelevant opinion. 
Those students who are not in the list, must be in a shock. It is obvious. They have right to fight against injustice done to them by so called constitutional body like BPSC. Something is wrong with this commission which must be stopped. Because in 3 years, process is still on. They took almost three years, yet not satisfactory. Some illegal means are also there. Some back door entries are also there which will not be proved. But one can not and should not keep silent on these wrongdoings of BPSC.  
Last but not the  least, if you are interested in appearing in future exams of BPSC, then first you should fight in the court against this system, otherwise forget about BPSC and concentrate on other state public service commission examinations which are more standard than BPSC. All the best those who qualified. This post is nothing against a genuine.  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


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Union Public Service Commission notified The Civil Services Examination 2013 advertisement. UPSC has changed the syllabus of mains examination. In another drastic change, UPSC will conduct Indian Forest Service preliminary examination with Civil Services preliminary Examination. It means from now onward combined preliminary examination will be conducted for Indian Forest Service and Civil Services Examination. However mains examination of both the services will be conducted separately.
In Civil Services mains Examination 2013 instead of two optional papers, now student will opt only one optional paper. Weight-age of General Study has been increased. Here is the new pattern of Civil Services mains examination:
Main Examination
The written examination will consist of the following papers:
English Compulsory (300 Marks)

Eighth Schedule Languages Compulsory (300 Marks)

Essay  (250 Marks)

General Studies–I 250Marks (Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society)
General Studies –II: 250 Marks
(Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations)
General Studies –III 250 Marks (Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management)
General Studies –IV 250 Marks (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude)
Optional Subject – Paper 1 250 Marks
Optional Subject – Paper 2 250 Marks
Personality Test 275 Marks.
Grand Total 2025 Marks


Sunday, February 24, 2013

BPSC 53-55th result: The waiting will soon be over

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Patna High Court Order on BPSC 53-55th result: On 28-02-2013 honorable Justice Mihir Kumar Jha issued notice to BPSC and Bihar government on Bihar Audit Service. Some students have challenged against adding 100 Lekhadhikari post in this vacancy. According to the petitioner examination of state civil services and Audit service are different. They also say that no advertisement were advertised for Lekhadhikari post. So without advertisement BPSC can not recruit candidates. Honorable justice ordered that fate of 53-55th mains examination result will depend on this petition. State government has to respond within a week. Now wait one more week for this case result.
Creation of Circle Officer post and cabinet decision: Bihar Cabinet today (26-02-2013) gave green signal to the creation of Posts of 'Anchaladhikari' (Bihar Revenue Service). This decision was taken in Today's Cabinet meeting chaired by Bihar Chief Minister. However it is not clear, whether these posts will be added in current examination or in next advertisement. But chances are that State government will not wait three more years for these crucial posts. Hence it might be added this year. Some confusions are still there. For example, what is the meaning of 'creation of Anchaladhikari' post, when post is already there? Everything will be clear in a few days.
I had said in my one of the posts that "Patience is youth treasury, but making them patient on the name of patience is tragedy." In the BPSC 53-55th case, it is quite implicit that how a constitutional body like BPSC is testing the patience of poor unemployed youths of Bihar. Almost 9 months have passed, result has not been declared so far. UPSC declared the result within 3 months, JPSC declared in 3 months. Nobody knows why BPSC is delaying the result. Now everybody is guessing that it will be declared latest by 15th March. That is not far too away. But out of 13000, only 3000-3500 will get chance of personality test. Rest 10000 will get nothing in this waiting. Such is the state of affairs of BPSC. I am not pessimistic, neither I am making you pessimistic, but who can guarantee that everything will be fine  in the coming result. And who can guarantee that BPSC will not repeat it's mistake, as it did in 48-52nd examination. I was going through the marks of first 200 students who appeared in the 48-52 mains examination. What I found, was astonishing. None (except 3 to 4 students) of those first 200 students got more than 690 marks, except those who had opted Anthropology, Philosophy and Farsi. Even scoring 660 marks was tough last year, if your optional were not from these three optional. On the contrary, due to one of these three optional papers, candidates made their place in the interview list. Will BPSC except it's fault? Not at all. Anyway that was last examination. You may ask that why I am giving these facts at the time of result. Well, it has some positive implications, that is why I gave all these analysis. 
Above analysis clearly shows that even scoring 670 marks in the mains examination is tough, if marks are not awarded blindly in a few subjects. Although BPSC history says that some subjects always outperform rest of the subjects alternatively, yet one should not loose hope seeing the number of record posts. Don't forget that BPSC will not follow moderation or scaling in this examination. Hence if one or two subjects score comparatively better, it will not be surprising. But at the same time, one can accept that last year, which was not mere mistake but was a clear case of negligence where 179 marks were awarded in Anthropology and Philosophy, will not be repeated. 
Currently, number of posts are 1106. Vigilance DySP posts will be added in a few days after some corrections in the minimum age requirement. As far as Bihar Revenue Service Posts are concerned, it is quite clear that Bihar government Land and Revenue department has committed mistake. Bihar Revenue Service rule clearly say that Circle Inspector posts will be filled by Commission. In the rule commission has been defined as Bihar Public Service Commission. Hence these posts are to filled by BPSC and not by BSSC. If this correction is not amended, then one can move court. However, there is a buzz that the state government has amended its rule, some posts of Circle Officer will be filled by BPSC directly. Since CI recruited by BSSC will take 15 years to become CO, it is tough for government to function without officers. It means, one can expect addition of CO posts in current vacancy.
Now as far as cut off is concerned, if last examination mistakes are not repeated then one can expect interview call if one has scored 670 marks in general category. As I said earlier, that two subjects alternatively performs better, this year can not be a exception. But last examination was exceptional case. It is better to forget that and move ahead. This year, it is not easy to score even 670 marks. Hence, despite some subjects do better, cut off will not, I hope so, cross 680 marks. Although you can say that there is nothing new in this post, but now only you can expect something new from BPSC. It is matter of two weeks, keep praying for the best.